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DbShaper platform and its 2022 performances presented during Programmatic Day


On Wednesday, April 19th, Davide Raimondi, CEO and founder of DbShaper, presented the DbShaper platform during the 2023 Programmatic Day at Teatro Orfeo, Milan, together with Franco Milazzo, CEO and co-founder of The Newco.

They brought to the attention of the audience several case studies to show how nowadays, in a cookieless era, reach and omnichannel targeting can be combined.

Thanks to DbShaper technology, it is possible to bring together clients and publishers willing to work on a performance-based strategy in an innovative marketplace. The partnership with The Newco allows it to operate on probabilistic data that, associated to each respective email address, create a successful mix ready to offer to advertisers the opportunity to address an extremely targeted group of users on the right channel at the right moment.

The case studies presented have shown campaigns with different goals, from awareness to CPA, and different market industries, such as large-scale distribution and luxury pastry. Outcomes have been extremely positive throughout the whole year: every goal has been not only achieved, but exceeded in many cases.

There is also a strong focus on creative assets, fundamental for performance activities: thanks to special machine-learning mechanisms it is possible to conduct AB testing on different assets to identify the better performing ones, optimizing the ongoing campaign until the goal is achieved.

Results for 2022 have been great, and as 2023 progresses DbShaper has taken on new challenges during the first quarter – all completed with excellent performances.