Our platform

Our platform

What is Db Shaper?

Db Shaper platform is the result of a long experience in partnership with The Newco. The strengths of this technology lie in the process of collecting IDs in one or more DMPs and associating them with the respective email addresses, allowing complete tracking of information such as name and surname. In this way it is possible to generate Custom Audiences based on qualitative data. All the digital services we offer are designed to meet our customers’ needs.

How does it work?

Thanks to specific tags we trace the user ID, learning its preferences and behaviors.

Db Shaper platform associates each ID to the respective email address.

Thanks to our marketing mix we show the user the right ad at the right time, in the right format.

Clients find a new user interested in their product or services. They will be able to use this data both short-term and long-term, putting them in a nurturing process.

With Db Shaper, you can:

  • Target the right user, at the right moment, with the right message

  • Improve your brand awareness

  • Increase website visits

  • Boost e-commerce sales

  • Generate new leads



Our reports are not only precise and punctual, but also clear and easy to understand. We provide our clients’ with performance data and we set a series of meetings where we discuss the results together.
You receive our reports, but you can always count on us for further explanation.

Advanced profiling system


DMP Aggregation

The platform is able to compare more than one DMP at the same time, including those owned by external publishers.


ID Correspondance

Every ID is associated with its own respective email address.


Custom Audiences

Target audiences are created based on interests collected from users’ behavior.


Timing optimization

The campaign starts in the best possible time to reach the largest number of users that could be interested.


Customized messages

Messages can be tailor-made for each group of users.

Areas of application

Discover the market segments where Db Shaper has proved to be effective and successful in reaching business goals.


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