Areas of application

Areas of application

Our areas of expertise

Thanks to many years in the industry we developed skills and know-how on several products and services market segments in which we are able to reach excellent results by applying established strategies constantly optimized based on market trends.

This allows us to be always ready to confidently explore new areas of application of our technology, thanks to our extensive experience in the performance marketing world.


This is one of the first market segments where our technology has been applied: we offer a wide range of campaigns with different goals, such as promoting new offers, requests for quotations, driving tests, appointments with specific dealers, and much more. We regularly work with important automotive brands, helping them achieve their goals every month.


Thanks to our campaigns it is possible to intercept the user with a variety of campaigns among which information requests, medical tests, free doctor’s appointments, private clinic offers and promotions, distribution of informative materials on prevention, and much more. We pay the utmost attention to privacy and data management, aware that this market industry requires a special sensitivity due to its own nature.


From large-scale distribution to luxury pastry, our technology is used in a variety of different ways. DEM to promote offers, social and native campaigns to boost e-commerce sales during peak season, and a successful marketing mix to raise awareness as part of a full funnel strategy.


Since many years we have been working with experts in different areas of this field: online universities, international schools, mental trainers and coaches offering workshops and personal development courses. Our campaigns reach interested users on the right platform at the right memento, generating large volumes of qualitative leads.


Telephone companies, internet offers and promotions of fixed and mobile networks, new technologies for businesses: we have several years of experience in lead generation in these areas, primarily from direct email marketing.


From electricity and gas offers to attention to renewable energies, we found a way to develop a successful marketing mix to communicate promotions and news to the right target in this specific areas.


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